Dreams do come true! The dream of a young girl who loved to write and tell stories has come full circle to a woman in her senior years who has finally published her first book. That little girl still lives within me and is squealing with happiness over this lifelong accomplishment. I guess it goes to show, no matter how old you get or how long you work for something, it can be achieved if you stick to your goal. Who knew that old adage was true!

Love by Design
Designed with Loves Series 
Book 1


Available as an e-Book
~ Paperback coming in November 2020

Love By Design

After the death of her mother, Breeze Waters inherits the family business. She soon realizes that her mother's second husband isn't satisfied with his share of the assets. Making himself a nuisance in her life, she suggests an arrangement with her handsome, well-built neighbor.

Finn Donovan had been hurt too many times to let the smiling face and the appealing figure of his neighbor penetrate the wall around his heart. A simple lie of omission and her assumptions lead him down an unexpected path where lies start piling up. When he made that decision to travel that road, he never realized how hard it would be to take it back or that he would be swimming in a pool of deceit. As the lies come out, he believes he may well have lost the woman he had been searching for all his life.

When danger finds Breeze, Finn is the first one she calls for help. He works to regain her trust while trying to protect her. Secrets are revealed and surprises are thrown in their path as their pursuer becomes more sinister. Working with Finn, Breeze fights for her family’s business and her mother’s reputation. Her biggest fight is whether to trust this man she has grown to love. If they make it through this deadly threat, will there be a future for them?

Linda Tiffin,

“Writing is the painting of the voice.”

About the Author

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but spent most of my childhood and teenage years living in small towns in Upstate New York.

The opportunity to attend college was out of my price range and I spent ten months in business school before heading straight into the work force. Learning about life through experience and hard work became the necessary path.

I’ve had a wide variety of jobs. Each gave me new understanding of myself and knowledge that could be tucked away for future use. I was ten years old when I had my first job…picking potatoes for ten cent a bushel. Yes – that is scary, but I was ecstatic when I went home with close to two dollars after working for three days. It was extremely hard work which I was glad to leave it behind and move on to babysitting. As years went by, I had a variety of jobs. I had my own paper route, worked in insurance for an agency and for a hospital. I worked at a retail nursery and discovered I loved it. Gardening became a wonderful and fulfilling hobby. I’ve been a waitress and a hostess. I sold real estate, display advertising for a newspaper and advertising specialties in a specific sales territory. I worked in the corrugated industry as a box designer and in customer service. I had my own outdoor structure company where I designed and sold screen porches, decks and arbors. I sold jewelry for over ten years and have spent the last sixteen years working for a property management company. I fall into the category of a jack of all trades and probably the master of none! But I’ve had fun!

It’s been an interesting road and due to the variety of jobs, I have learned many different skills and attained a wide range of knowledge.

North Carolina has been my home for nearly thirty years. I have a wonderful husband and we raised two remarkable boys into dynamic young men. That was the most challenging of all my jobs. As many a parent will agree, raising a child and having them transition successfully to adulthood, is a major accomplishment. Both our boys made it and became very impressive adults. We have two lovely daughters-in-law and four beautiful grandchildren.

Though at times the writing process has been pushed to the background in favor of more pressing family needs, I’ve never lost my love for storytelling.

During the last ten years, while being active in Heart of Carolina Romance Writers organization. This has afforded me the exposure to other writers and workshops on a variety of subjects unique to authors. I have found my own writing has been greatly improved with the help of this organization. The story teller became a full-fledged writer.

This is my time to write.

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